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Michael Castellano, Staten Island, NY.

Today, many people are buying the classic hot rods and muscle cars that they remember from the past. Cars like the 1960's and 70's Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Mopars and Mustangs.

Some of these folks worked on cars like these when they owned them years ago, but many new buyers do not have the know how to keep these beauties running their best.

Many of today's newer, young mechanics were not working on cars back in the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Today, they just plug their diagnostic tools into your car's computer, read the code and perform the work that the book says to do.  The older cars, and most hot rods, do not have these computers.  It takes an experienced mechanic with the know how to make these babies 'purrr' and develop all of the muscle to 'ROAR' (when the feeling grabs you) that they were originally designed to have,  maybe a little more.

Some of these muscle car owners know the frustration of trying to find a qualified mechanic that not only knows the vehicle and how to work on it,  but will treat it like it's their own and give it the TLC that it needs.  You'll never find a nick or scratch from a wrench being dropped on your fender when I do the work.

Well, I'm offering my services to folks that need the right mechanic to perform work on their dream machine.  I can perform any type of work you need from tuneups and repairs to high performance upgrades.  I live in Staten Island,  NY, and I'll work on your machine,  be it a high performance car or truck,  in my garage or at your location.

I work closely with my good friend Chris, owner of CJM Chassis, here in Staten Island, NY. Please click the link below to check out some of Chris' handiwork.

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